Non-Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements are designed to protect proprietary information that may be exchanged in the course of a research project. A Principal Investigator may request the drafting of a Non-Disclosure -Agreement to address a situation in which he/she is either receiving confidential information from the sponsor, or providing such information to the sponsor, or when confidential information is exchanged.

Upon finalizing any Non-Disclosure Agreement, the Office for Sponsored Programs requires an "NDA Read and Comply" form to be signed by all faculty, staff, and students involved with the Project. The purpose of the "NDA Read and Comply" form is to provide written documentation of PI, staff, and student compliance with University acceptance of the agreement. You may be asked to sign future "Read and Comply" forms to accommodate personnel changes on the project.

To obtain a template of a Non-Disclosure Agreement or the "Read and Comply" form, contact the OSP Contracts at ospcontracts@uconn.eduOR the OSP Interim Executive Director, Antje Harnisch, by phone (860 486-3994) or email.

NDA Templates

NDA – UCONN as Recipient

NDA- UCONN as Discloser

NDA – Both Parties

NDA – Tri-Party